Guidance How to Keep Your Premises Safe & Secure

Unoccupied Premises are normally at much higher risk of damage/loss than when occupied, from water damage, arson, theft etc. Our Insurer partners have provided us with some “Best Practice” Guidance

  • Site Security – check perimeter fences and gates are in good state of repair and operational
  • External lighting – check lighting and that any associated movement sensors are operational
  • Building Physical Security – check that window and door locks, and any security shutters, are operational. The use of external key safes should not be used
  • Access Control – check to ensure this is operational and maintained
  • CCTV – check to ensure this is operational and maintained, including recording and any remote monitoring
  • Intruder Alarm (If installed) – check to ensure this is fully operational and maintained, including offsite remote monitoring. Any reduction in Police response or keyholder availability needs to be advised to us.
  • Automatic Fire Alarm (If Installed) – check to ensure the system is fully operational and maintained, including offsite remote monitoring
  • Fire doors – ensure all internal fire doors and shutters are closed
  • Letterboxes should be sealed
  • Where large car parks are vulnerable to incursion and potential fly-tipping, additional denial of access security measures should be considered.
  • Where the site is temporarily closed, where possible arrangements should be made for a weekly internal and external site inspection, with guidance sought as to whether this can be supported whilst adhering to social distancing
  • Waste – internal and external waste to be removed from site with external storage located a minimum of 10m from the building
  • Utilities (electrical, water, heating) – shutdown and isolate / drain any non-essential utility services that are not required for operational reasons, maintaining minimum temperatures to prevent freezing, or for protection
  • No money should be left on the premises unless kept in an approved safe

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