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Building Insurance for Common Areas

Why Building Insurance for Common Areas is Essential

When an a new commercial or residential property is built, there are often common areas that are not classed as typical ‘buildings’ such as private roads, car parks, walls, fences, gates and lighting. It’s very common for a property management to be setup to be responsible for these areas only. It is essential these shared spaces are well-maintained and protected. This is where our specialised buildings insurance for common areas comes in, offering you peace of mind and financial security.

Our Offerings

We understand that each property has unique needs. That’s why we provide comprehensive building insurance tailored specifically for the common areas of both industrial estates and residential communities.

Industrial Estates

1. Car Parks:

Industrial estate car parks are high-traffic areas that are susceptible to damage from vehicles, weather, and vandalism. Our insurance covers repairs and maintenance, ensuring that your car park remains functional and safe for all users.

2. Fences and Walls:

Fences and walls define the boundaries of your property and play a crucial role in security. Damage to these structures can compromise the safety of your estate. Our insurance policy covers the cost of repairs and replacements, safeguarding your property’s perimeter.

3. Lighting:

Proper lighting is vital for safety and security in industrial estates. Our insurance policy covers the repair and replacement of outdoor lighting fixtures, ensuring that your estate remains well-lit and secure at all times.

Residential Areas

1. Private Roads:

Private roads within residential areas require regular maintenance to keep them safe and functional. Our insurance covers repairs resulting from damage due to an insured peril

2. Fences and Walls:

Just as in industrial estates, fences and walls in residential areas provide security and privacy. Our insurance ensures that any damage to these structures is quickly and efficiently repaired, maintaining the integrity of your community’s boundaries.

3. Lighting:

Street lighting is crucial for the safety of residents. Our policy includes coverage for the repair and replacement of lighting fixtures, ensuring that your private roads and communal areas remain well-lit and secure.

Benefits of Our Building Insurance for Common Areas

  1. Wider Perils

Our insurance policies cover a wide range of common area elements, providing you with comprehensive protection against unforeseen damages and expenses.

  1. Financial Security:

Unexpected repairs and replacements can be costly. Our insurance ensures that you are financially protected, allowing you to manage your budget more effectively.

  1. Peace of Mind:

With our insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your common areas are protected. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of property management without the constant worry of potential damage.

  1. Customized Policies:

We offer customized insurance policies tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, whether it’s an industrial estate or a residential community.

Why Choose Us?

At Dixons Commercial Insurance Brokers, we are committed to providing exceptional service and comprehensive coverage to meet all your building insurance needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you find the best policy for your property, ensuring that you are fully protected.

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