Electrical Contractor

If you are a Electrical Contractor working on site or in a private dwelling it is important to protect against third party property damage or injury.  Our cover insures your business against things you’re responsible for, as well as events outside your control if someone makes a claim against you for compensation, we can protect your business with a few quick questions.

We have access to products that gives you the flexibility to extend cover limits and take out optional extras at an additional premium to give you the level of insurance you need.

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Electrical Contractor

Key covers for Electrical Contractor

  • AA Rate insurers
  • Combined Liability up to £20m
  • Employers Liability
  • Defective Workmanship
  • Includes Financial Loss
  • Efficacy Cover
  • Cover for customers goods
  • Contractors All Risk cover
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Legal Expenses
  • Directors and Officers Liability

Claims examples

Electrical claims could arise form poor workmanship giving rise to system faults or fire, employee getting an injury during work, a power surge giving rise to damage to client Machines or computers, Third Party accident on a client site due to your negligence etc.

The following scenario demonstrates how a faulty work claim may occur.

D-Electrical Contractors has been hired by a property owner to install new lighting in an office building they cover. Two of D-Electrical Contractors employees complete the installation work.

Several months after the lighting work has been completed, the owner of the property complains to D-Electrical Contractors that the lights aren’t working properly. Dispite a number of attempts to fix the issue the owner of the property isn’t satisfied with the outcome and claims that D-Electrical Contractors employees failed to install the switches correctly and that they used substandard materials.

The property owner hires another electrical contractor to correct the mistake and then sues D-Electrical Contractors for breach of contract. The suit alleges that they used inferior materials and faulty installation methods constituted poor workmanship.

Our policies would look to respond in this instance under the defective workmanship cover, becareful alot of standard Tradesman policies would exclude this element of cover.


Discounts are available for ECA members and other  trade associations, years claims free, Residential work and much more. Contact us below to speak to one of our team today!

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