RSA COVID-19 Update

Given the current situation, we appreciate that you may have had to temporarily leave your premises unoccupied due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We want to remind you of your conditions that apply to your current RSA policy and RSA Insurances response to the Coronvirus.

Queries relating to unoccupied premises
What is RSA’s approach to buildings or business premises that have been closed due to coronavirus where the business

a) Decides to protect their business by working from home or
b) Has been instructed to close by the local authority or by the Government?

RSA would consider such business premises to be temporarily unoccupied. However, certain standard restrictions in RSA policies for unoccupied properties will not be applied, provided that the period of closure does not exceed 90 days.

What this means for such premises is that, for the period that they may be closed for the above reasons or for up to 90 days maximum (whichever is the shorter period):

1) Where the policy wording excludes Malicious Damage, Escape of Water or Theft with respect to buildings that are empty or not in use, such exclusions will not apply

2) Security and Inspection conditions applicable to Unoccupied Properties will not apply

What Notification does RSA require from customers confirming that a business premises has been closed?

We would encourage customers to notify us if their business premises have been closed as a result of the UK Government’s COVID-19 guidance or restrictions. However, we understand that these are difficult times and will not refuse to consider a claim simply because a customer has not specifically advised that a building is now closed as a direct consequence of UK Government COVID-19 guidance or restrictions.

What approach will RSA take on buildings that were already Unoccupied before the COVID-19 restrictions were imposed?

For buildings or business premises that were already vacant prior to the imposition of the applicable UK Government restrictions, there will be no change to the cover restrictions, policy conditions or specific requirements that would have already been applied to maintain policy cover.

If any of the imposed conditions or requirements, including those involving the regular inspection of premises, now present an issue as a consequence of the UK Government restrictions, please refer to your Broker.