Roofing & Scaffolders

The Ogden Discount rate change has had a impact on the market place and in particular the Roofing & Scaffolders trade, we are seeing insurers withdraw and others simply increase premiums within a lot of high risk trades.

As independent broker, you can be sure that we will obtain the most competitive premium for your business insurance from a wide range of first class UK insurers. We are not tied to any one insurer and offer an independent choice of Roofing & Scaffolders risks which means we work for your benefit.

We can tailor cover to suit your needs:

  • Employers Liability – £10m Limit of Indemnity
  • Public & Products Liability – £5m Limit of Indemnity (higher limits available)
  • No Height Limits
  • Includes Heat Use Away where applicable
  • Option to include Professional Indemnity
  • Option to include Financial Loss
  • Option to include Site Death PA Cover
  • Additional Discounts for NASC and NFRC Members
  • Low Claims Rebates for NASC and NFRC Members
  • Excess applies to Third Party Property Damage claims only
  • Free Risk Management Survey

There are many risks associated within the Roofing & Scaffolders trade and there are areas of risk that you may need to consider when looking for business insurance.

Roofing & Scaffolders  use various different types of materials used nowadays, fibreglass, synthetic rubber membranes, cold liquid coating and PVC as well as the more traditional items such as felt, bitumen, tiles and slates. All types of roofers are catered for, including flat roofing, slatering and tiling contractors and hot roofers using heat.

Make sure your business is not suddenly burdened with an increase in premium spend and speak one of our brokers today on 01727 736970.


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