General Liability Insurance

What is Builders General Liability Insurance?

General liability Insurance includes Public liability cover for builders protects against injury or death of third party persons, or damage to third party property, from incidents arising as a result of your business activities.

Claims Examples

  • A member of the public trips over equipment you’ve left on a pathway and gets hurt.
  • A customer falls down their stairs because the bannister wasn’t complete – and you hadn’t made them aware.
  • You drop a drill on a customer’s brand new porcelain bath and it now has a crack through the middle.

Do I really need Builders General Liability Insurance?

Working in such a hazardous sector, things can often go wrong and this cover protects your business financially. One single claim could run into thousands, and some small business might struggle to pay the costs. It is highly recommended that any tradesperson gets builders general liability insurance.


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